Sacral Turtle Abdominal Acupuncture for musculoskeletal conditions, pain management and related issues

CPD Course, 2 days: theoretical + practical. Total = 23 Hours (GL = 14, Home Study = 9) DOWNLOAD INFORMATION

Accreditation: The Acupuncture Society, Accred.Num.: ASCACRC106

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Short Syllabus

  1. History of the STAA
  2. Review of Abdominal Anatomy, Pathology and neurology
  3. Health & Safety in STAA
  4. Indications, Contraindications (total, local)
  5. Pros and Contras of the STAA.
  6. 3 levels of STAA
  7. STAA: points description, significance in STAA, their functions, locations, indications, needling; special effect points
  8. Abdominal BaGua System. Techniques for STAA.
  9. Abdomen’s special relationships with Extra Fu Organs
  10. Abdomen as The Second Brain
  11. Overview of Abdominal Diagnosis for STAA
  12. How to create a treatment with STAA, strategies of a treatment, evaluation of the treatment’s strategies, planning a treatment course
  13.  Common prescriptions. Consideration to formulate prescriptions and apply them.
  14. Needling techniques. Depth, method of insertions
  15. Review of conducted Researches and their results
  16. Further development of the STAA: A short introduction to the NAA (New Abdominal Acupuncture)

Who can attend

Sports Massage Therapist, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Sports Therapists, Physiotherapists, Acupuncturists, other healthcare professionals and medical doctors, rehabilitation specialists and other healthcare practitioner satisfying requirements for participants

Requirements for participants

  1. Minimum Level 3 in Anatomy, Pathology and Physiology
  2. Hold recognised qualification and appropriate insurance for therapies you practise
  3. Hold an Insurance for acupuncture/microsystems. If you don’t, then you can apply for a Student Insurance in HolisticInsurance ( This insurance can be converted into your Practitioner Insurance after successful completion of the course. Also check with your current Insurer if they can provide you a Student insurance for Acupuncture
  4. Be in good health so you have not any restrictions from participations in this course. If in ANY doubt, consult with your doctor or GP prior applying to this CPD course and inform the course Provider
  5. Be willing learn and extend you knowledge


  • Test: 50 questions including health & safety questions (can be done at home). To do the Test, please, go to this link
  • 5 Case Studies: 5 persons treated twice (total = 10 treatments)

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