General information about our CPD Courses

  1. All our courses are accredited by The Acupuncture Society (it means, you will be able to get an insurance as well as to join The Acupuncture Society and benefit from this membership).
  2. Each CPD Course is 2 Days (14 contact hours). Maximum number of participant at 1 course =6.
  3. Standard price of each course is £ 250 for 2 Days of CPD course. It includes: participation, assessments, certificate, consultations during your whole learning process, printed course materials, refreshments, coffee/tea breaks.
  4. Options of CPD:
    • Full time CPD Training: 2 full days of course (7 contact hours/day)
    • Part time CPD Training: 3 days (4.5 hours/day) OR 4 days training (3.5 hours/day)
    • Individual training (1 or 2 participants): suitable training’s days and time are agreed individually with you.
  5. Booking: if you would like to book a course then just simply contact us or visit us.
  6. Payment options: we accept payments in cash, cards or bank transfer. Each student can ask for individual payment plan. To reserve your place: £50 non-refundable deposit.
  7. Discounts (for all options of CPD) from Standard Price (only one discount option’s applied):
    1. if you were trained (or currently in training) with one of our partners (see here) = 40% (1 CPD day = £75 instead £125)
    2. if you you would like to repeat/refresh the same course you were trained with us earlier = £100 for 2 days of course (1 CPD day = £50 instead £125)
    3. if you were trained with us previously and would like to book another course: 40% (1 CPD day = £75 instead £125)
    4. Bundle 3 for 2 = if you book 3 courses at the same time then you pay for 2 courses only. (i.e. 1 CPD course is for FREE). (1 CPD day = £83 instead £125)
    5. if you book 2 courses at the same time: 40% (1 CPD day = £75 instead £125)